Christian Aid podcast artwork

Evidence for Development

A podcast that showcases research methods and approaches that have been developed by Christian Aid to improve the lives of those living in the Global South.

We developed and produced this 6 part series with the charity that challenged us to record interviews with guests in remote parts of the world, from rural Nigeria to Palestine.

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Christian Aid exists to create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty and this podcast is a ‘handbook’ aimed at those working in humanitarian research or those interested in research, knowledge exchange and learning related to International Development.


Some guests for the podcast were located in parts of the world that made getting them to a studio, or even shipping them a microphone almost impossible. We recorded entirely remotely, and in the case of the guest in rural Nigeria we recorded during their evening when the internet and even electricity were least likely to be cut off.

Bespoke music composition

Our sound designer Rowan came up with a suite of music for the podcast, the brief was to create something that invoked the cultures of the global south but wasn’t tied to one particular country.