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Mind The Gap

The official Transport for London podcast. Join host Tim Dunn on a journey into the amazing underground world of the London Tube! This podcast is all about a shared love for the tube for a brand which is part of the fabric of daily life for millions of Londoners.

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The podcast centres around personal stories, from those who keep the Tube running behind the scenes to famous voices, like Rylan who you may not have known, is a huge transport fan (he’s even got a replica Tube station in his garden).


There was no question that this podcast had to be recorded in and around the Tube, a challenging ‘studio’ to say the least. Avoiding the crowds, public announcements and some of the noisiest areas, our producer Marnie was able to capture intimate audio that transports the listener into the underground world of the Tube, right there with Tim and the guests.

Designer Wayne Hemingway recording TfL's Mind The Gap podcast with 18Sixty


Keeping true to the DNA of the podcast, every guest was chosen because of their deep connection to and affinity for the London Underground. Guests included presenter, writer and performer Amy Lame; who is London’s Night Zsar, designer Wayne Hemingway (right); who designed the Tube worker’s uniforms, and Luke Agbaimoni AKA Tube Mapper Luke; who documents life on the Tube through photography.

And, after discovering that presenter Rylan is a huge train buff, even building a replica Tube station in his garden (complete with a London bus) TfL had to invite him onto the podcast. We took Rylan on his first Tube journey in 11 years (he’s way too famous these days), complete with an exclusive ride in a tube cab down the Central Line

Rylan recording Mind The Gap podcast with 18sixty for TfL
Taking Rylan on his first Central Line ride in a decade

An instant hit

A lot of excitement around the podcast within TfL meant that their brilliant team were able to get the word out about the podcast and secure high profile media coverage. Mind The Gap was featured in Time Out, Rail UK, Londonist, Greatest Hits Radio as well as being the Sunday Times Podcast of The Week.

We were able to secure features on Apple Podcasts’ New & Noteworthy section, all helping to drive the podcast to the top of the podcast charts.

apple chart showing 18Sixty and Tfl podcast Mind The Gap
Mind The Gap from TfL features in the Metro newspaper

Such good guests!! and Tim Dunn is the perfect host. Really, really entertaining – thank you! (and I’m not normally someone to listen to something about trains!)

Listener, Apple Podcasts