What we do – The ‘listener-first’ approach

Put simply, we help brands talk to the people they want to talk to by making podcasts that people want to listen to.

Sounds simple right? So how do we do it?

It all starts with one person… The listener

Only one? “we’d like more than one listener!” You might ask, well…

Podcasts have a unique way of engaging those who listen, an intimate, one-to-one conversation. And because of that, we make podcasts that, by design, are made to resonate with a single podcast listener, that’s how we create that genuine, trusted connection.

Whether 1000, 10000, or 1 million people are collectively listening, you, as the podcaster, are only ever speaking to one of them.

This isn’t a new thing, it’s no secret either, the best radio has been doing this for decades, but it is the secret to a great, unmissable, podcast.

This audience-first approach is in everything we do and stems from our seasoned experience making podcasts and radio shows way before podcasts became the latest thing when even your Gran or Uncle Dave are listening.

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The search for the sweet spot

When we’re working with a brand, the sweet spot as we like to call it is that point we reach together once we’ve really understood two things:

  1. who the listener is, what they’re in to and how a podcast can enrich their lives and;
  2. the brand, their goals, their values and knowledge and their strategy
The ‘audience-first’ approach

From there, our creative work starts to bring it all to life; How do we want people to feel? What do we want them to do? What sort of podcast can we make that they just have to listen to?

For us, putting the audience (the listener), first is the most important piece of the puzzle when making any podcast.

There’s no point talking, if you’re not giving people a reason to listen.

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