Focus, Purpose & Leadership

A podcast for business leaders about the importance of branding and the strategy behind it. Respected brand and business consultant Robert Bean speaks to the leaders behind some of the world's biggest brands and shares his own acclaimed thinking.

Robert Bean has spent a 40 year career working with some of the biggest brands in the world including Rolls Royce, Honda, GlaxoSmithKline, Pizza Express, BT and The Sun and in doing so has become one of the leading consultants that CEOs and boards turn to help shape their businesses.

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We helped Robert launch this podcast where he talks to some of the business leaders he’s worked with about how the value of having a ‘single organising principle’ in developing a successful business. Find out how some of the world’s most well known brand campaigns came about, such as Honda’s ‘The Power Of Dreams’ and BT’s ‘It’s Good To Talk.